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Eternal love

One of the most touristic European places, beloved by all, is definitely Rome with its seven hills its great museums, its squares, the Coliseum, the Foro Romano, the fine restaurants and fashionable shops.

Rome is believed to have been founded by Romulus in 753 b.C. whereas the 2nd and 1st centuries b.C. were glorious times for the center of the Roman empire.

Rome’s fans adore the city and come willingly back, not forgetting to throw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi so they can repeat the journey once more.

Among Rome’s most beautiful spots is the Villa Borghese and its picture gallery and of course the Sixtine Chapel , which was named after Pope Sixtus the Fourth.

St. Peter’s Basilica is the city’s most imposing building , a church of gigantic dimensions.

Bernini’s works are considered landmarks of the Italian capital.

Some film directors composed visual hymns to the city. One of them was Fellini  and another one Pasolini . As for authors, Alberto Moravia, and for actors Anna Magnani,

That’s how we are virtually transferred to Rome in order to admire its history and its expensive shops on the Via Condotti.

Have a great trip!

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