Is your thinking creative? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and widening your horizons? If yes, People & Ideas is for you. Simply be a reader or make one step further: participate and become a content curator or a content creator. With P&I, you follow, edit, create, experience and broadcast lifelong learning for everyone’s benefit.

People&Ideas v2.0 is here!

Dear friends, dear new visitors,

P&I is changing its looks but not its essence!

During the last two years our initial ideas have been developed, we came up with new suggestions and realized there are a few new needs. The progress in technology gives us new possibilities and we are pleased to introduce you to the characteristics of our new “face”.

A central tab under the title presents categories and subcategories. Some of the ones you knew already are gone and have been incorporated elsewhere, some new ones are appearing now like Interviews, Educational Games, and Educational Videos.

You’ll be able to see at a glance our News and Events.

You have the possibility to know quickly to which IDEAS subcategory each post belongs. Moreover, you’ll also be able to read the first lines of an article before deciding whether you’d like to read it.

It is now much easier to enter a comment. You don’t have to be a member anymore in order to write one.

People and Ideas is being uploaded in two more languages, in English and in French, and by clicking on the corresponding icon, you can surf each of the two separately. Please, share it!

The way you can actively participate to P&Ι webpage are explained here.

We need support  and we are opened to collaboration. Please do pay attention and have a look at the right-hand side panel.

These are the main features which we believe are going to make your surfing much easier. We hope that the rest of the changes you’re going to witness, will be a pleasant surprise.

Happy surfing!

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