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Tattoos and the stories behind them

What one is going to carve on one’s body is a gesture connected with a thought, narrating a story or sometimes betraying a past or a belief. It definitely is about a certain aesthetic. In our article The mark of Cain, the story of the Russian prisoners who use tattoos as a means of visual communication, had a symbolic meaning. Without saying a word, the convicts can talk about their crime or their position in jail hierarchy.

In the world of the free, however, where tattoos are very much in fashion, a new blog of open participation, is highlighting the stories behind the tattoos. Pen & Ink is the name of the blog where artist Wendy McNaughton presents sketches of real tattoos. We are told about the motives or the concept by the man or the woman who actually bears it on his or her body.

Source:  Laughing Squid

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