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From the legendary Caruso to the equally legendary Pavarotti, every great singer was attracted to the beauty of the canzonetta.

Canzonetta (meaning “little song”) is a folk song for one or more voices, accompanied by guitarre or other string instruments. It usually has a pleasant, vivid melody and a simple rhythm.

The famous Mario Lanza sings Santa Lucia

Giuseppe di Stefano: “Parlami d’amore Mariu”

The pop singer Massimo Ranieri performs ” Com’e bello far l’amore quann’e sera”

The tourists who flock to Venice have no knowledge of the fact that the canzonetta is of neapolitan origin, so they ask the gondolieri to sing for them songs like O sole mio or O dolce Napoli during their tour through the canals. As much as they tried, the gondolieri couldn’t explain to the ignorant visitors of faraway lands that Naples and Venice are not only geographically apart but also in matters of language, culture and so forth. In the end they had to give up and accepted to sing canzonette upon the altar of mighty tourism…

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