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Micropoem-atic animations with a twist of humor

You suddenly became happy
like you had nothing else to do in your life.

If I add my loneliness to yours,
What do I get ?
Two lonelinesses or none ? Ee ?

This is stranger than fiction.
Must be real

These few lines are part of a series of short poems or quotes entitled Micropoemas I– an animation by we quite liked for its sense of humor and its design. Located in Madrid, Spain, Cocoe office focuses in art direction, animation & motion graphics, and produces tv ads and musical videos that display a great variety of styles. This particular animation was done for laSexta television, under the direction, illustrations & characters by Jean Duprez and animation by Ruben Animador.

If you speak spanish you can also have a look at the sequel entitled micropoemas II.

What we also found interesting were the adventures of Benito who discovers that life is a whole lot better when you add to it color, life, imagination, self-confidence and heart.

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