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Galapagos islands: BBC documentary

Galapagos is unlike any other place on Earth. The archipelago is made up of thirteen main islands, they sit astride the equator, almost a thousand kilometres off the coast of South America, and are connected directly to the heart of the planet. The product of a volcanic hotspot, from the moment they are born, the islands are carried on a remarkable millenia long journey before sinking back beneath the waves. The islands are a fascinating microcosm of our planet and home to some of the most astonishing creatures found anywhere on Earth: iguanas swim the sea like dragons, short eared owls stalk petrels by day and 500 pound giant tortoises bellow over lava fields. One thousand kilometres due west of Ecuador, where four major ocean currents unite, vast undersea volcanoes break the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Early explorers described these otherworldly islands as “Las Encantadas” “the Enchanted Islands”. In time they became known as Galapagos, the islands of the Tortoises. Darwin described them as a “world within itself”.

Follow the filmmakers from BBC and National Geographic Channel on a visual journey through this lush Pacific Ocean paradise.

Many thanks to Yiannis Issaris

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