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Dutch painter Cornelis Bega

He may not have the power of a Rembrandt or the gracefulness of a Vermeer, still the Dutch painter Cornelis Bega depicted in his own way scenes of his era, the 17th century. An exhibition dedicated to him, takes place first in Aachen and then in Berlin. The exhibition bears the title “Elegance and boorish manners” and includes 40 paintings and all of his sketches. A lot of them belong to private collections and are publicly shown for the first time whereas the rest come from great museums from all over the world.

If you take a look at this site  you will surely enjoy the “Doctor’s visit”, the “Music lesson”, the “Inn” but most of all the faces of the peasants who are at work, or enjoying themselves or praying.

Bega was born in Haarlem, in the Netherlands and his family was a wealthy one. His grandfather was also a well-known artist who preferred to paint historical scenes.

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