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Ten things I want to teach my son so he can become a man

Here are 10 pieces of advice or rather 10 parental teaching goals which we read in Hey Lady! Watcha readin’? blog and pondered upon.

Ethan turned one on April 12th. I have a letter for him that I need to finish, but in the meantime I’ve compiled 10 things that I want to focus on over the next 18+ years. I want to raise a man. I don’t believe you’re a man just because you’re male, just as I don’t think a female is automatically a lady. These are some ways I’ll be teaching my son to be a man.

Open the door for people. This is your chance to offer what will, for some people, be the only kindness they experience all day.

Stand up to bullies. You’ll be surprised that the majority of them will immediately back down.

Never stop reading. When you stop reading, you stop learning.

When you think nice thoughts about people, let them know.

Handle failure with graciousness on the outside, and kindness on the inside. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.

Be generous with your time and money. Both, even in small increments, are worth more to other people than they are to you.

Talk kindly to yourself. Don’t be harder on yourself than your parents or spouse would be.Be curious, not furious. Instead of being frustrated or angry or annoyed as to why someone did something, try to figure out why they did it.

Decide which hill you want to die on. Most battles, whether with family, friends, employers, employees, or strangers, are not worth fighting.

Love hard.

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