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«God loves caviar»

“God loves caviar“, is a biographic film by Greek director Yannis Smaragdis (he had previously made a film about the painter El Greco). His new movie recounts the story of Ioannis Varvakis (1745-1825), a rich Greek who had made his fortune in Russia. Varvakis was born in Psara, a small island of Greece which resisted against the Turkish occupation. Varvakis himself was the commander of a boat which chased the turkish ships. When Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia, let down the Greeks and made peace with the Turks, Varvakis lost everything he had. He then went to Constantinople to sell his former war boat. But the Turks had already been informed of the fact and his life was at a risk. He had to take refuge in the russian embassy and then to Odessa and Saint Petersburg. The entire distance, Varvakis had to cross barefoot. Finally he was received by the Empress who granted him a permit to fish in the Caspian along with a gift of a thousand rubles. Thus, the clever man could deal with the production of caviar and own three small islands inside the Caspian Sea. Later on, he would dedicate all his money to his country, Greece, where he died in the island of Zante. He is considered one of the greater Greek benefactors.

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