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Eleni Angelou – portrait of a contemporary artist

Art for me is a form of research, an “investigating activity” as Bruce Nauman described it, that is not about the object but the ability to invent and create.

My work is a continuous activity produced through spontaneous events that happen almost naturally in the spur of the moment, depending on my personal circumstances and the place where I am.

Through trial-and-error and the use of various, everyday materials, one thing leads to another and the work happens. The uncertain and unpredictable results of my experiments and the new paths they open for me to explore, is what guides me to the next step.

I usually experiment with a lot of mediums (photography, video, performance, installation), without having a specific idea in advance of where my practice will lead me. Considering, as Beuys did, “…intuition as the highest form of reason…”, I let my instinct guide me to the next stage and improvisation to be the theme of the work. The exhibition space becomes my studio space and this is what is exhibited in the ‘end’. The way I produce work is revealed and constant activity charges an empty place, transforming it into active space.

 The work attempts to investigate the nature of an exhibition raising unanswered questions instead of giving definite answers. It is a play on natural curiosity, encouraging the viewer to look at art in the making rather than the already finished object.

Eleni Angelou was born in Athens in 1974. She started her artistic practice at the National University of Fine Art in Athens having painting as her main interest along with scenography and sculpture. She further enriched it with a MA at Staffordshire University.

During her undergraduate studies her painting focused on the human figure and the idea of space, in large monochromatic canvases where a solitary figure would sink at the point where it would emerge.

Her postgraduate studies gave her the chance to diversify her practice around various media, to collaborate with other artists and work on ‘Site Specific’ exhibitions requiring a completely different set of considerations.

Nowadays, Eleni Angelou lives and creates in Athens, while pushing her practice into different areas which combine painting, installation, photography and video.


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