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The Saura brothers

Antonio and Carlos Saura, the two Spanish brothers, are familiar names to art lovers. The former belonged to the surrealist movement but later on he followed another path. As a painter he was self-taught and stepped on the traces of great Spanish painters like Miro or Picasso, and Goya, in order to create his own, often very large paintings. Dark colours and geometric forms are his trademarks.

Antonio was born in 1930 and died in 1998. Some years before his death, he took up the illustration of an artistic edition of Collodi’s Pinocchio. His sketches for the book look beautiful and unique.

The director Carlos Saura was born in 1932 and is famous thanks to his films “Carmen”, “Ana and the wolves”, “Goya in Bordeaux” etc. Carlos Saura has taken part in all quality film festivals and has dedicated the largest part of his work in covering the world of dance, in particular the flamenco.

Considering that their mother was a pianist, one can easily assume that the two brothers would show their interest towards art.

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