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Maria H. Andersen | The future of e-learning

Former math teacher, Maria H. Andersen is the Director of Learning and Research for Instructure, as well as the CEO of an educational consulting business, an author, a speaker, a blogger, a game designer, and a learning futurist!

She considers herself to be a learning coach :

self-directed learning and engagement are now the most important issues in education.

When content begins to teach itself (and it will), instructors will need to be ready to shift into the role of learning coaches. Technology will “instruct” … we will need to “engage” learners in applications, discussions, and explorations of the learning ecosystem of our subject area and leverage digital tools to enhance learning.

Her philosophy of teaching and learning can be summed up in one quote:

Learning is the brain having fun. – Raph Koster

Her vision for the future of e-learning is beautifully presented on the prezi-slide show here. If you’ve been following all the developments and trends on the subject, you’ll find it worth the while.

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