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Wagner and the Web


If you are a fan of Richard Wagner’s music and you’d like to participate somehow in the celebrations for his 200 year anniversary, you don’t necessarily have to visit Bayreuth. Here is a very good site  where you can find a lot of information on this great composer who is considered a genius by some and so very boring by others.

His grandiose operas are connected with legends of knights and kings and the viewer who decides to listen to one of his works should be prepared for a spectacle which can last many hours.

The actor and writer Stephen Fry, a connoisseur of Wagner’s music, has created a website  in order to promote a film he made on the composer. Through it he explores the unique world of a controversial composer who unfortunately has been connected with nazism as well.

Here you can listen to an old filming of the famous aria from “Lohengrin”

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