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Fifty thousand years of music history in seven minutes


The artist Pablo Morales de los Rios has created a short illustrated History of Music using an original technique which combines drawing, writing and motion. His video informs us that the history of music goes back 50 thousand years, from the caveman to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, to the Middle Ages, the troubadours, church music and Renaissance. Along the way we meet great personalities e.g. Guido of Arezzo, Palestrina, Heinrich Schütz and many more. The itinerary continues with baroque music, the opera, Monteverdi, Vivaldi, the French Lully and Rameau. Then the great Bach, classicism, Mozart of course and Beethoven, on to romanticism where the well-known composers abound. Then we go on to Wagner, Tchaikovsky and gradually to jazz music with L. Armstrong and E.Fitzgerald, then the blues, rock music, Elvis, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and many others, until the end with electronic music. As all these eras race before our eyes, along with sketches of the glorious personalities who marked each one of them with their compositions, we listen to characteristic pieces of every period. In his answers to the comments made by users of youtube, P. Morales de los Rios, explains that it wasn’t possible for him to include all musical tendencies and every single important composer. A very good video offering knowledge and entertainment at the same time.



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