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The fine art of laughter

Friends We live in difficult times and we all could do with some laughter. Fortunately some good TV series have seen to that and have offered us a lot of laughter. E.g. “Friends”. No matter how many times one has watched them, the various episodes always make one laugh out loud. A gang of six young people, three boys and three girls, live in nearby appartments. We get to know their everyday lives, their loves and torments through scenes and slogans which are unforgettable. Ross is a scientist, he loves paleontology, a subject which the other Friends find very boring. Whenever he speaks about dinosaurs his pals yawn incessantly. His neurotic sister, Monica, is a cook by profession. She’s also hysterically fond of cleanliness and order. Pretty Rachel is the love of Ross’s life, whereas Joey is an unsuccessful actor whose greatest claim to fame was a role in a soap-opera. Then there’s Chandler, doomed to make jokes in every occasion and Phoebe, an ex-homeless song-maker and masseuse. She’s always smiling and in a good mood, despite the fact that her mother committed suicide, her father abandoned the family and her twin sister hates her. Seated in the eternal couch of their beloved coffee-house, the six friends talk of everything, solve their problems together or fight with each other. Phrases like «We were on a break!», «How you doin’», «Unagi» etc., bring a smile to our face, to all Friends’ fans all over the world who can never have enough of their favourite series.

Another great TV production was «Blackadder», with the famous Rowan Atkinson, alias Mr. Bean in the protagonist’s role. As a cunning, sly, conniving man, Blackadder crosses various historic periods, and every now and then he is born again in another era. He always keeps his negative characteristics and some other which endear him to the viewers. With him always his faithful servant Baldrick. The series begin with Blackadder as Duke of Edinburgh in the Middle Ages, goes on with him as member of the court of Queen Elizabeth the First, proceeds to the end of 18th century and the beginning of 19th and is completed with the First World War. For those who appreciate british humour, Blackadder is an ideal spectacle and R.Atkinson’s acting is unique. It is a real masterpiece offering us the gift of laughter thanks to high quality jokes.


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  • …hurdle to straddle. bzw eine Hürde nehmen. τα 110μ μετ’εμποδίων λέγονται έτσι: 110 hurdles. Τι περίεργο! Κι εμένα ο Blackadder ήταν ο αγαπημένος μου, πολλά χρόνια πριν τον μάθει ο κόσμος τον Άτκινσον, μουγκό και Bean. Η μουσική στην αρχή ήταν χαρακτηριστική, οι σεζόν ήταν 3 ή 4, δε θυμάμαι, αλλά ο δαιμόνιος και πανούργος βρετανός Ιζνογκούντ ήταν όλα τα λεφτά.
    Τότε που το BBC ήταν εσωστρεφές, είχε εκπομπές που ασχολούνταν με τον Κρόμγουελ και τις επιλογές του Ερρίκου του 5ου και τότε που οι βρετανικές ποδοσφαιρικές ομάδες δεν διανοούνταν να πάρουν ξένο παίκτη. O tempora o mores……

    • Λητώ Σεϊζάνη

      Αν και έχω γελάσει μερικές φορές με τον Mr. Bean, ιδιαίτερα στο σκετς που πηγαίνει με τη φίλη του σινεμά να δούνε θρίλερ, σε γενικές γραμμές με θλίβει αυτός ο σύγχρονος Σαρλώ με την παντομίμα και μου δημιουργούν άγχος οι καταστάσεις στις οποίες εκτίθεται.

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