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Life in a City Full of Errors


Life in a City Full of Errors is an online short-documentary series of City of Errors, a cross-media platform for civic responsibility, motivation & engagement. Each episode of the series is called an Error.

Error #6 [Stress]. It talks about the few oases of the city, where anxiety, noise and pressure go mute and which we now more than ever need in order to feel human.

Error #5 [Isolation]. It talks about the importance of keeping active and sticking together especially in hard times. It’s up to us to keep the city and each other warm.

Error #4 [Rudeness]. When we live in a big city we forget to treat each other nice, do things as simple as a smile or say a kind word, show compassion rather than pity.

Error #3 [Indifference]. Caring about the things that don’t have an immediate impact on our lives and protecting those in need, human or animal, is not always easy.

Error #2 [Insensitivity]. To be sensitive about what surrounds you is not a weakness. Not if you want to live in sustainable cities rather than urban slums.

Error #1 [Lack if Solidarity].


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