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Van Gogh’s paintings get a life


Slowly at first, gently, and gradually faster, the paintings of Van Gogh become alive in this video of Luca Agnani’s entitled «Van Gogh Shadow”. The painter’s well-known landscapes, the Langlois bridge, the bedroom at Arles, even his self-portrait, don’t deny the movement. On the contrary it’s as if they long for it. The music is by Ludovico Einaudi.


Recently the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdamopened once again for the public, after having closed for many months due to a renovation. The french newspaper Le Figaro dedicated an article to the great painter and his death. Was it suicide or manslaughter without malice? It seems that the former is true. Two years ago a new biography of Van Gogh written by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith hinted at the possibility of the painter dying in a fire which was accidentally made by two of his neighbours. According to the newspaper, “many questions were left without an answer”.

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