People & Ideas is a creation of Phaedra Simitsek. It is supported by herself and Lito Seizani as well as by selected contributors and writers and is open to anyone who’d like to participate in it.

It represents a subjective effort of search, selection, show-case, management and combination of material drawn from the endless pool of information, ideas, knowledge and inspiration all around us or on the internet.

P&I is a web-site pursuing all that is interesting, all that is valuable, dynamic, innovative in the long run and in sectors pertaining to the arts, literature, science, technology and many more.

P&I will introduce you to a continuous adventure, far from your local borders. It is a trip which will make you see the world differently, will make you sharpen your curiousity, and will help you get inspiration and knowledge in order to let your creative side shine.

Thank you!