People & Ideas is a webpage where you, the user, can play different roles and be:

  1. content-curator so that you have the opportunity to present in a concise manner the great and interesting finding you’ve just made in i.e. the web?
  2. Or may be you’d prefer to be a content-creator:
    • perhaps a mediator that explains to the general public, in any way you wish, a concept or idea you understand very well?
    • or if you think you can compile questions to a specialist you’re dying to hear answers from, that will make you a presenter!
    • why not tell us a story that will reveal interesting points? Perhaps you’ll discover yourself a new talent. Storytellers are fascinating if they have something to say.
    • try out the entertainer’s role and amuse us by teaching us something. After all, you learn better while you’re playing and creating i.e. a quiz.

[the role model list is of course not exhaustive and you may want to suggest something different ]

In any case you can submit your thoughts and scripts to We’ll be most pleased to answer you and guide you if necessary.

As a general policy we do not accept texts longer than 1 000 words, interviews more than 1 500 words, short novels, autobiographical reports, technical documents, translations without authorisation and any literature or poetical production (with seldom exceptions). We reserve the right to refuse material but are sincerely doing our best to make the most of your ideas, comments, suggestions and texts. We remain open to any new suggestion you may have. And we always communicate with you in order to find solutions.

Whether you are a reader and just leave a comment or you accept the challenge to become a contributor, P&I allows you to follow, edit, create, experience and broadcast lifelong learning for everyone’s benefit.

‘Cause you are not what you own but what you share and whom you connect with!